Frequently Asked Questions

What does the “Auto Play” control do?

This setting causes the app to begin playing the last selected sound immediately when you open the app.

Does the app work offline?

Yes.  The app will play sounds offline.

Does the app play in the background?

Yes.  The app will continue playing sounds while in the background and turn itself off when the timer expires (unless you are in continuous play mode).

What happens when I receive a phone call while the app is playing?

If you receive a phone call, the app will pause the sounds and it will resume playing them after the phone call has ended.

How can I prevent alerts, notifications, emails, text messages or phone calls from interrupting the audio playback?

There are a couple of options to help silence the beeps and squeaks of your phone’s notifications.

  1. Enable Do Not Disturb.
  2. Enable Airplane Mode.

How does the fader effect work?

The fader is available with a premium subscription.  The fader causes the sound volume to gradually fade out to zero.  You can set the fader for up to one hour.  When in continuous play mode, the fader has no effect.

Will my premium subscription on android work with iOS?

No, the iOS version uses Apple’s separate In-App Purchase billing system.  You can download the iOS version from the App Store.

How can I contact you?

Use our contact form here or from within the app navigate to Settings, and scroll down to the bottom and select Email Us.

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