Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve paid for the upgrade but nothing looks different?

The Free version and the Pro version are two different apps. Once you upgrade, uninstall the Free version of Deep Sleep Sounds (The app without stars in the icon), and run the Pro version instead (The app with both stars and a moon in the icon).

Why does the app stop playing after an hour?

The Free version of the App limits play to one hour at a time.  The Pro version will allow you to set a timer for up to 12 hours.  You can also choose to play continuously until manually stopped.

Does the app work offline?

Yes.  The app will play sounds offline or in Airplane mode.  If you want to use AirPlay to play over an external speaker you will need a connection to the same network as the AirPlay device.  Alternatively, the App will play over Bluetooth.

Does the app play in the background?

Yes.  The app will continue playing sounds while in the background and turn itself off when the timer expires (unless you are in continuous play mode).

What does the “Play last sound on launch” setting do?

This setting causes the app to begin playing the last selected sound immediately when you open the app.

What happens when I receive a phone call while the app is playing?

If you receive a phone call, the app will pause the sounds and it will resume playing them after the phone call has ended.

How can I prevent alerts, notifications, emails, text messages or phone calls from interrupting the audio playback?

There are three options to help silence the beeps and squeaks of your phone’s notifications.

  1. Silence your ringer.  On iPhone, toggle the physical switch to vibrate.  On iPad, press the Mute icon from the Control Center.
  2. Enable Do Not Disturb.
  3. Enable Airplane Mode.

Is the pro app a subscription or one time purchase?

It is a one time purchase that will give you universal access to the app across all of your devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod and Apple TV.

How does the oscillator work?

The oscillator feature is available in the Pro version and is fully unlocked with an in-app purchase.  It pans the sounds back and forth by shifting the balance between the left and right speakers (similar to a desk fan oscillating left and right).

How does the Fader work?

The fader feature is available in the Pro version and is fully unlocked with an in-app purchase.  The fader causes the sound to fade out gradually over the course of one hour (or less depending on your choice).

After I upgrade to Pro do I still need the Free version of the app?

No.  You may delete the Free version of “Deep Sleep Sounds” once you upgrade to Pro.  The free version’s home icon has a moon without any stars.  In addition, the navigation bar title of the Sounds screen reads “Deep Sleep Sounds – Free”.

How can I contact you?

Use our contact form here or from within the app navigate to Settings, and scroll down to the bottom and select Email Us.

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