How to request a refund from the App Store for an iOS App or In-App Purchase

You can request a refund of an iOS App or In-App Purchase from your computer or directly from your iPhone or iPad by following the steps below:

  1. Go to Apple’s “Report a Problem” page at
    1. You can also go directly to the app’s report a problem page by pressing the “Report a Problem” link from the email receipt with the subject “Your receipt from Apple.” and a sender of Apple
  2. Enter your Apple ID and password when prompted.
  3. From the Purchases -> Apps tab, locate the app and press the “Report a Problem” button.
  4. Select the appropriate problem from the drop down menu and enter a description.
  5.  You should hear back from Apple within a couple of days to a week with your refund.

Note: Individual app developers cannot refund you purchase.  Purchases and refunds are all handled through Apple’s payment system.  However, if you have a problem with the app you should contact the developer first as they may be able to help fix the issue.



How to get a refund from the App Store for an App or In-App Purchase

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