If you are using swift and CocoaPods you may get the following warning after running pod install or pod update:

[!] The `target overrides the `ALWAYS_EMBED_SWIFT_STANDARD_LIBRARIES` build setting defined in `Pods/Target Support Files/...'. This can lead to problems with the CocoaPods installation

The warning message then gives the following two suggestions:

- Use the `$(inherited)` flag, or
- Remove the build settings from the target.

To implement the first suggestion of using the `$(inherited)` flag follow the steps below:

  1. Open Xcode
  2. From the Project Navigator select your project
  3. Select the Target
  4. Go to the Build Settings tab
  6. Double click on the Yes / No option and select “Other…” instead
  7. Type in the following: $(inherited)
  8. Run pod install or pod update again
How to fix target overrides the `ALWAYS_EMBED_SWIFT_STANDARD_LIBRARIES` build setting defined in `Pods/Target Support Files/…`

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