How to localize an app’s name with InfoPlist.strings

These instructions are for localizing the information contained in the Info.plist.  This includes the app’s name which is displayed on the user’s home screen under your app icon.

  1. In Xcode go to File, New, File..
  2. Select iOS (or the platform you are working with), Resource, Strings File, Next.
  3. Name the file InfoPlist.strings (case sensitive).
  4. If you only plan on having one App name for your project then I recommend placing the file in the same directory as your Localizable.strings file.  However, if you have multiple targets and some of them use different app names then you will want to create a separate directory for the InfoPlist.strings file.  You will then need to create a separate InfoPlist.strings file for each app name and associate it with the correct target.
  5. Select the newly created InfoPlist.strings file and add the following key, value pairs:
"CFBundleDisplayName" = "Your App Name";    //App name as displayed below app icon
"CFBundleName" = "Your App Name"    //Short app name, should be 16 characters or less

  • Use the utility pane on the right, select the Localize… button.  After selecting Base in the modal.  You can now add additional Localizations to your app name by selecting their languages.
  • To add a new language, select your Project from the Project Navigator, go to the Info tab, and select the + sign in the Localizations section.

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    Tested with:

    Xcode 7.3

    iOS 9.3

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