iTunes Connect API (fastlane) and corresponding Xcode language codes

If you are using the iTunes Connect API via fastlane or spaceship and would like to access your app meta data by language, below is a chart of the language codes that spaceship converts the iTunes Connect languages into.  In addition, if you are localizing your app in Xcode for multiple locales of the same language.  You should probably use the base language and omit the locale for at least one locale so that any other locales you omit have a fall back language to use.  I’ve also included the language codes that Google Translate’s API uses if you decide to use machine translation.


Language Xcode .lproj Language code (ISO-639) iTunes Connect API (Spaceship) Google Translate API
Chinese (Simplified) zh-Hans zh-Hans zh
Chinese (Traditional) zh-Hant zh-Hant zh-TW
Danish da da da
Dutch nl nl-NL nl
English (Australia) en-AU en-AU en
English (Canada) en-CA en-CA en
English (U.S) en en-US en
English (U.K.) en-GB en-GB en
Finnish fi fi fi
French fr fr-FR fr
French (Canada) fr-CA fr-CA fr
German de de-DE de
Greek el el el
Indonesian id id id
Italian it it it
Japanese ja ja ja
Korean ko ko ko
Malay ms ms ms
Norwegian (Bokmal) nb no no
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR pt-BR pt
Portuguese (Portugal) pt pt-PT pt
Russian ru ru ru
Spanish (Mexico) es-MX es-MX es
Spanish (Spain) es es-ES es
Swedish sv sv sv
Thai th th th
Turkish tr tr tr
Vietnamese vi vi vi


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