How to make your kiteboard more visible in the water so you don’t lose it

Have you ever lost your kiteboard? Have you ever spent way too long body dragging around the water because your board flipped fins up and you couldn’t spot it?

Well, today I have a tip that will help make your board easier to find when bobbing in the water. Simply, spray paint your fins fluorescent orange for maximum visibility.


Tools and Materials

1 can of fluorescent orange spray paint

some cardboard


screw driver


Step 1

Screw your fins into the bottom of a piece of cardboard.  Alternatively, you could spray one side and let it dry and then turn them over and spray the other side.

Use a sharpie to mark where to punch the screws through

Use a sharpie to mark where to punch the screws through
Screw fins to cardboard
Use a small screwdriver or something pointy to punch small holes through first.


Step 2

Spray your fins and let dry.

Krylon Fluorescent Orange Spray Paint

Spray painted fins

For best results, use multiple passes with a light coat of paint.


Step 3

Attach your fins to the board.

Board with fins attached.

Close up of painted fin


Step 4

Spend more time kiteboarding and less time body dragging.



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